16 April 2010

Friday Ramblings: WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?

Have you ever NOT finished a book. I don't mean not finishing it because you didn't like it, but not finishing it because it scared you? Or you just couldn't!

I have.

When Christine Feehan's last Drake Sister's novel came out last summer, I ran to the bookstore to get it. That is so unlike me, because pre-ShaNayNay (aka my Kindle) I tried my best not to spend a lot of money on books. I tended to get most of my reads from the library, especially big name authors like Ms. Feehan because I'm sure my library would have a copy in stock. But, I couldn't wait. I love this series and I knew that it would be a keeper. So, I ran to the bookstore, bought the book, and eagerly started reading it . . .. Then I hit Chapter Three. I stopped reading and haven't had the courage to pick up the book again. That was almost a year ago.
Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7)

Was it the writing? No, the writing of was very emotional and powerful. Probably too powerful. In Hidden Currents the heroine is abducted and abused by a maniac. This all happens in the first couple chapters. The writing pulls you in and as I was reading it, I felt like I was there experiencing the horror with the heroine.

Thank God nothing similar has happen to me in real life because if it had, I think I would've had a break down. Seriously the writing was that good. So good that I put the book down and haven't been able to pick the book up again. An oxymoron I know.

I suppose I could've skipped the third Chapter because I've heard that she's rescued by the hero in the following chapter, but with all the horror I couldn't skip it. The book has been languishing in my TBR pile ever since. Every time I reach for it, shivers go down my spine and I can't pick it up. I really want to read this book. I NEED to read this book. I want to see the heroine get her happily ever after, especially after everything she's been through. I need to see how she's able to move on and have a satisfying relationship with the hero. So I need your help and support. What should I do to help me get over this?

Since I'm in confession mode, I must admit that I've never watched the movies Amistad or Rosewood for exactly the same reasons. As a black woman, black history has always intrigued me and I knew from history these two stories had no happy ending, so I've never been able to stomach watching these movies no matter how often I've heard how awesome they were.

So are their any books or movies that you haven't been able to read or watch because of their emotional intensity? What are they? Tell me I'm not alone!

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3 people posted their 2 cents:

june said...

You are definitely not alone. It's funny you wrote this now because just last week, I was trying to convince a friend of mine to read GLORIOUS a black fiction book that I reviewed and having a giveaway on. There are a few graphic scenes of violence and she was afraid to read it. She's even like that about movies. She refused to see Precious because she said it would make her cry. I saw Rosewood when it came out and found it good though it was disturbing. I think I'm going to check out Hidden Currents.

I had to put down The Lovely Bones. I couldn't get into the story of a young girls rape and murder, though I did like the movie. I don't think I got through the first chapter. I've promised myself I'm going to go back to it though, I'm just not sure when :-/

Anonymous said...

It's so worth reading the end of Hidden Currents. I hope you finish it someday because it's really good! I didn't want to read it for the same reasons, but I'm glad I did. Best of luck. ;)

Malea said...

Hey Lynette -- I get what you're sayin here. I had to stop for a while too. But I returned and was happy with her HEA. It was a good ending to a good series.

And BTW, I'm the same with 1) historical romances featuring Native people (aka, "Savage" whatever) and 2) movies about Native people made by non-Natives (1492, even the last TBS series). It's hard enough to live it, let alone have to watch it. For fun. Yeah.


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