21 October 2010

Houston, We Have A Problem: My Library Loot

Hello, my name is Lynette and I am an addict. I am addicted to my local library. It is an easy addiction to have. My addiction began when my husband first moved me from the cradle of civilization (i.e. Atlanta, GA) to the backwoods of the world with the worst economy in the United States (e.g., a tiny town in Michigan). Gone were the bookstores on every corner and since I had recently moved I was unemployed at the time and didn't have a job to fund my reading habit. Whenever I mentioned finding the local library my husband had informed me that the local library in his hometown was a shack and not worth my time. So, I used tools like paperback swap to feed my addiction. After awhile, I became so desperate that I made a trip to the library and I was like WTF, the hubster is so full of sh-t. While it isn't a big central library and is small (yo, my library is in the middle of a cornfield – no I am not joking), it has a decent selection of books. When I filled out my form to receive a library card, I learned that I could go on-line and order books from any of their branches (there is six). I also found that they were pretty awesome about ordering books that I wanted that they did not have. As I left the library, I realized that it was stupid of me to take the hubster's opinion on the library system when he hadn't lived in his hometown in some years.

Now, years later, the librarians know me by name. I swear I'm Norm and the library is my Cheers. The minute I walk in the door, they turn and get the books that I requested before I even make it to the counter. Only the new girls ask me my name and they stop that after the first two of three times - LOL! When Queen was her 'pony phase' they would set aside any pony/unicorn books for her without me asking. And before Queen started school and was in daycare, her daycare made trips to the library and when I went in to pick up my books, the ladies would regale me with tales of everything Queen had done while she was there. When I was pregnant with Chunk they would always ask about how I was doing and they now exclaim over him whenever they see him and Chunk flirts with them like crazy so they can give him a sticker!

So you must forgive me for this addiction. Especially as it is partly your fault. Yes, I'm talking about you. You need to stop it with your book recommendations. Yes, I understand that I don't have to go out and search for every book you mention that you've read and liked. But, it is hard when all I have to do is go on line and search my library database. It is especially hard now that my library is part of a statewide library system, which means that if they don't have the book, I can go to virtually any freaking library system in the state of MI and request the book. That library will deliver the book to my library and allow me to borrow it. So what's a girl to do in times like these, except keep ordering books?

So, if I'm going down, you're going down with me. BTW. I have no freaking idea how I'm going to read all these books in two weeks. And to make matters worse, these are just my library books. This stack does not include my review books, and books that I've bought.
And also, yes, I know that I'm supposed to be reviewing books. I have several reviews that I need to complete, but every time I try to sit down at the computer to write them, the kidlets have been distracting me and I get nothing done. My bad. I'll try to be better!

So do you utilize your local library and what books have you gotten recently?

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10 people posted their 2 cents:

Wendy said...

Well, in your hubster's defense - your library went through a remodel a few years back. Let's see...around 8 years ago? Maybe? I was still living in the area and was part of the crew that helped pack up all their books. Essentially the building was gutted and they added on bits (pretty sure the children's area is part of the "new" - but dang my memory is shot all the hell.)

Within your current horde of books, I only have one in my TBR - the Julia Justiss HH. I am seriously so behind on my Harlequins, it's just sick.

Lynette said...

Yeah. Hubby had said that it's much bigger than he remembered. LOL!

You sure you don't want to come back to MI!!

I've been on a HQ/SIL kick lately. I'm reading an Intrigue by Kay Thomas that's starting off pretty good!

Sarah said...

I love this post!! Great books too. If you discover a good slow cooker recipe, please share! I love that your library knows you that well. :D

A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes said...

As someone working on my library degree so I can be a librarian. I can't say enough about how much I love this post. I wish my local library would embrace romance books, they refuse any erotic or paranormal romance donations and will not support the genre at all so I am boycotting them. I work in an academic library and it's awesome to see people who love libraries like us, library geeks do.

Lynette said...

Absolutely. I was flipping through it last night and I saw a couple good one's I'd like to try!

@A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes
My library isn't perfect with the romance stuff, ever since some girl who used to be the book buyer for my system decamped and decided to move to CA (cough, cough, cough @Wendy). With the execption of the popular big name romance authors (like J.R. Ward, Feehan, etc), I have to get most of my romances through MelCat which is the state wide library system. I'm not complaining though, because if MelCat doesn't have it or if for some reason I can't request a copy, they'll order the book for me if I call and ask!

The Book Vixen said...

Wow, that's a lot of library books for 2 weeks!! But I can totally relate; I do the exact same thing! I was bite off more than I can chew.

And men don't know squat about the library! :P

Blodeuedd said...

You bad girl! You got all those books o_O
Hihi, I know that feeling.

I have learnt to be good *coughs* Not hoarding anymore, I only got 2 books at home, and now I need to be strict. read them within a month or else...dunno spanking myself haha

Bells said...

I have a problem as well. Since I work in a library I get to see all of the wonderful books in front of me. One plus is if I want a book, more than likely my branch has it.

So this week I brought home The Travises series by Lisa Kleypas. 3 books in the series and I already read 2 so that's pretty good. I also have the 1st 3 books in the Jaz Parks series.

I just returned a bunch and when I go to work on Saturday I'll be getting some more. I just can't help myself. :D

Lynette said...

@thebookvixen @blodeuedd @bells
I feel so bad. I used to read like 20 books a month (DO NOT JUDGE ME PEOPLE!!!!), but I have been reading much slower lately and am sooooo behind. I need to get back in my groove so I can knock these books out!

Twimom227 said...

AWESOME!! I'm jealous. While our library is wonderful and I regularly check out books - they are kids' books. My library's PNR section is pitiful. And while I can do inter-library loan, I can't check out new releases for 6 months! So, I tend not to get my reads from the library. They do have Kenyon's DH and Ward's BDB, however!!

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