01 April 2011

Friday Ramblings: Are You There Followers . . . It's Me Lynette

Okay. I know I have been totally slacking on the blog front. Let me explain . . .

I stopped working right after Valentine’s Day. I foolishly thought that not working would give me more time with reading, exercising, my blog, writing, and other stuff. What a delusional fool I was. Although, not working was a big change for me, it’s giving me time to help Queen more with her schoolwork and the things she’s been struggling with. I’ve also been able to bond more with Chunk and help him with his socialization and learning (she says as he is right in front of her having a tantrum for some minor slight on my behalf – e.g., not jumping to cater to his every whim).

However, having hours and hours of time to work on my blog, or be at the computer hasn’t occurred. I can barely get on the computer for a couple minutes before Chunk commands my attention and by the time I get him down for a nap, I’m wore out and end up falling asleep myself. I’m thinking I should’ve had kids when I was younger ‘cause they’re wearing me out.

Anyhoo, I seriously apologize for slacking with the blog and promise to do better. I have been reading, but I have been slacking writing reviews of the books I’ve been reading. I’ve promised to fix that. I’ve already written a couple reviews that will be posted next week, so make sure that you keep an eye out on that. I’m also going to start stalking Authors again, so I can get my Inside the Author’s Studio posts going again. By the way, if you are an author and are interested in doing an Inside the Author Studio post, send me an e-mail. I’m also behind on my e-mails and my review requests, so if you sent me something, I haven’t been purposely ignoring you, just trying to get adjusted to the new changes in my personal life.

So, I know I suck but I hope you can forgive. Know that I have a bunch of posts scheduled for next week. Anything interesting happening for you? Read any good books that you can recommend for me? I need some awesome reads, so talk it up in the comments section!

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7 people posted their 2 cents:

Sarah said...

I didn't realize you had left your job. That is a big change indeed but it sounds like a very positive one for you. I'm looking forward to more reviews!

MamaKitty said...

I totally forgive you! Mostly because I've been slacking as well... and because I know exactly how it goes. I wasn't working last summer, but I was busier than I ever was working a full time job and going to school! It's amazing how much crap you have to deal with when you're a stay at home mom, isn't it? So yeah, I forgive you. Can't wait to see your reviews again though. :)

Blodeuedd said...

IBeen there, ok not there, but you know suddenly there is a lot of time, but not really. Lots of other things need to be done. You will buns back soon enough

Lynette said...

Thanks guys. This is a big adjustment for me, but I'm loving being home and not being so stressed out.

JenM said...

It's funny, but everyone who has ever taken time off has discovered this corollary to Murphy's Law - your tasks during the day expand to fill all available time. If you are working somehow everything gets done in your spare hour or two, whereas if you aren't working, those same tasks seem to take all day LOL.

I didn't have very many memorable reads in March, but I would recommend a book called Tall Tales and Wedding Veils by Jane Graves. Her books feature totally "normal" people. In this one the hero is a former repo guy who buys a bar and the heroine is a CPA. They meet in Vegas, get very drunk, get married, and then the rest of the book is about them falling in love.

Malea said...

I'm here. I check you every morning when I check the other blogs I like. And I'll see you soon!

Barb said...

Everything will sort itself out! I'm absolutely jealous of your daily naps....wish I could have one! Look forward to what you post next!

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