13 April 2011

Review: Fate and Consequences by Linda Wells

Author Name: Linda Wells
ISBN #: 978-1414-0051-2
Publisher Name: Create Space
Date Released: March 2009
Genre: Historical Romance
Book Format: Print

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy fails to inform the populace of Meryton about the danger posed by having a rake such as George Wickham living in their midst. This was done to protect the reputation of his beloved sister; a sister who he fortunately prevented from eloping with the man. This failure leads to heartache for him and the family of the woman he loved. In Fate and Consequences, Georgiana Darcy does leave with George Wickham to elope. Darcy finds her in time to prevent the wedding, but not in time to stop the news of her ruin from spreading. Now a humbled man, he must try to find his and his sister's place in society. A twist of Fate introduces him at his darkest hour to the woman he otherwise might have resisted loving, and who helps him to restore his sister, and his wounded soul. This is a what-if story of love and reconciliation. This story contains scenes of a mature nature.


"What do you mean, they are gone?" Fitzwilliam Darcy's eyes bore into the frightened servant girl's, demanding her immediate answer.


Confession. For the last couple of weeks I have been on a Pride and Prejudice sequel kick that I cannot seem to get out of. I have become obsessed (more than usual) with Pride and Prejudice sequels and it is Linda Wells fault. I have been reading all of her Pride and Prejudice sequels and enjoyed them all. I’ve even re-read them. I can’t seem to stop myself. It is an addiction people. Even when I go on to read something else by more talented authors I just can’t get away from Darcy and Elizabeth and Ms. Wells stories. SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY. SERIOUSLY. I CANNOT STOP.

In FATE AND CONSEQUENCES it starts out with Mr. Darcy arriving to Ramsgate to discover that Georgiana has eloped with Mr. Wickham. He sends off a quick note to Colonel Fitzwilliam and harries off to try to catch up with Georgiana and Wickham before it’s too late. He and Colonel Fitzwilliam meet up with Georgiana, Mrs. Younge, and Wickham at an inn at Meryton. The elopement is ended and Georgiana is devastated that she has been so thoroughly taken in by Wickham. While standing at the window of the Inn, Darcy spies Elizabeth and her sisters. When a clothing mishap with Elizabeth’s bonnet happens he becomes captivated by her. That feeling intensifies when Elizabeth gives Georgiana her handkerchief and imparts some very kind words at Georgiana greatest time of need.

Of course, word gets out about the elopement and the Darcys’ are outcasts in society. Mr. Darcy is getting pressured on all sides to either marry off Georgiana or to send her away in disgrace, which he refuses to do. Lady Catherine also insists that he marry her daughter Anne. This incident and how all his so-called friends (with the exception of Charles Bingley) have treated him has soured Darcy on society and their expectations of him.

Georgiana comes to Darcy with Elizabeth’s handkerchief asking if he got her name so that she can return the handkerchief to Elizabeth. She sends it back and Darcy writes a few lines to the note as well thanking her for the kindness. That sparks off a correspondence between Elizabeth and Georgiana as well as a clansdine one between Darcy and Elizabeth. Shy, reticent Darcy is able to express himself better in writing than in person and after a lengthy correspondence Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love.

When Darcy arrives in Meryton to visit Charles at the estate he’s leased he begins an official courtship with Elizabeth, but it’s not smooth sailing. Elizabeth has another suitor (and it isn’t Mr. Collins), as well as having to deal with the vindictiveness of Caroline Bingley and George Wickham.

Okay. I loved this book. Of course, if you are a Jane Austen purist you will be horrified, but since I am not, I loved it. While the characters aren’t Darcy and Elizabeth per say, there was enough of their core personalities that made me believe that this is totally plausible (even with the amped up sex appeal, because really who doesn’t want to see Darcy and Elizabeth get their groove on). While the core internal conflict of the novel is missing (Darcy’s Pride and Elizabeth’s Prejudice), I still found it interesting. And yes the writing isn’t the typical publishing standard but few Pride and Prejudice sequels are (and if I may be blunt enough to say it’s on the same par and sometimes better than some e-books that I’ve read from reputable publishers).

If you love Pride and Prejudice or even if you love the television adaptions (except that Keira Knightly crap, if that’s your favorite movie adaptation, UGGH.) I think you’ll love FATE AND CONSEQUENCES.

EDITED TO ADD: I really should stop typing these reviews on the fly. Forgot to mention that this book is worth the purchase price for the FREAKING AWESOME confrontation between Mrs. Bennet and Lady Catherine. I LMAO.

Bought with my own money because it’s an addiction that instant gratification for me.


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6 people posted their 2 cents:

Blodeuedd said...

I really want this book now too :D I love love love variations, I just can't get enough

Lynette said...

This is one of the best ones I read. Or I could just be in that Darcy/Elizabeth mood right now. LOL.

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Thank you for the recommendation! I haven't read anything by Linda Wells, but I love a well written P&P what if or sequel! :-D One of my favourites are written by Abigail Reynolds and Kara Louise also has a great one on Amazon. I love it when I'm on a P&P reading rampage :-D lol

Lynette said...


If you like Abigail Reynolds, you'll like these as well. In some instances, I actually like Linda Well's better.

Actually @blodeudd is having a giveaway of Ms. Reynolds latest on her blog, but I've read it when it was self-pubbed. Check it out.

I know Kara Louise name but I've read so many adaptations the authors are running together and I can't remember if I read hers as well. I've bought so many adaptations over the last couple weeks that Amazon keeps recommending more for me. LOL!

Mama Kitty said...

You suggested To Conquer Mr Darcy & I loved it, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to have this one as well. :)

lushbookreviews said...

This does sound good :-) I kind of don't remember the first book cause I read that forever ago but this really sounds enjoyable! Thx for the review and Rec :-)

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