13 October 2010

REVIEW: A Mermaids Kiss by Joey W. Hill


Author Name: Joey W. Hill
ISBN #: 9781440608131
Publisher Name: Berkley Sensation
Date Released: November 2008
Genre: Erotica/Fantasy
Pages: 384
Book Format: Trade Paperback


The angelic Jonah has been battling the Dark Ones for centuries. But his noble spirit has begun to tire with the weight of war—allowing a Dark One to strike a blow that severs his wings and knocks him into the sea.

Anna is a Daughter of Arianne—a direct descendant of the mermaid of legend. Anna’s longing for love compels her to risk her very life to protect and hide the fallen Jonah. And the longer Jonah delays his return to the heavens, the more Anna’s secret passions are tempted.

But as she falls more in love with him, Anna wonders if she’s destined to lose her heart and her dreams to save Jonah’s soul…


Lightning flashed, the sky unnaturally dark. His doing, or his enemies? He couldn’t tell anymore. But bloodlust required instinct, not thought, and pain could be ignored. As he roared with fury, the resulting heat that shot through his sword blade illuminated his surroundings. A hundred shadows converging, almost indistinguishable from the black clouds, but the nearest one was close enough to become an opponent. The Dark One's death scream made Jonah's lip curl in a satisfied, feral smile., despite the foul taste of the creature's blood splattered across his mouth.


Her smile . . . her touch . . . her faith in him. He couldn't lose faith. No he wouldn't. For her.



This is what was going through my head as I was reading this book! This conversation in no way reflects actual conversations between Ms. Hill and her editor both of whom I never met. LOL!

Editor: Umm, I need a book, so what are you working on next?

Author: I have an idea I'm playing around with. Its The Little Mermaid meets the angel Jonah

Editor: I didn't know there was an angel named Jonah.

Author: There is now.

Editor: So if you're using Angel's this is a biblical reference.

Author: Sort of, but of course God, or the Goddess as I call her is a woman.

Editor: Naturally all the best people are. But, you do realize that your write erotica. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to market a biblical, children's story.

Author: Trust me theirs going to be plenty smexing going on.

Editor: Cool. So who is Jonah what is the conflict.

Author: Well, I'm glad you asked. Jonah leads the army of angels who battle against the Dark Ones.

Editor: Dark Ones?

Author: Yeah. Think Dementors with mad fighting skills.

Editor: Cool.

Author: Yeah, anyway Jonah is fighting The Dark Ones, gets hit and falls from the sky and slams into the ocean—

Editor: Where he's saved by the Little Mermaid I presume?

Author: You're good.

Editor: Yeah, that's why I make less money than you and have to wear these crappy black clothes all the time and buy a book called 101 Things to Do With Ramen Noodles . However, you might want to hold off on The Little Mermaid reference; Disney is pretty fanatical about that stuff.

Author: Really that blows. Umm, wait, how about instead of Arianne, I'll make it one of her descendents. I'll call her . . . Anna. Anyways, Anna carries Arianne's curse to where she is destined to save a man, never find her true love, and die at twenty-one.

Editor: Good girl. Way to make your character's suffer. You got to give her something cool to make up for this misery.

Author: Well she's a shape shifter. She can transform into a human, mermaid, fairy—

Editor: Wait, fairy like Tinkerbell fairy.

Author: Yup. An actually pint sized fairy with wings.

Editor: Girl, you totally have to put in a smexing scene with her as a pint sized

Tinkerbell getting her groove on with the full sized Jonah!

Author: Really you think.

Editor: Totally.

Author: Hey, I can have her rubbing up against his ding dong and they're both getting off.

Editor: Eww. WTF. That image is going to be seared in my mind forever. I'll probably have to wash my eyes out with acid to get that freaky image out of my head. DO IT! DO IT!

Author: You don't think it'll freak my readers out?

Editor: Hey you write for Berkley, let's freak them out. But you gotta make it hot.

Author: I'll DO IT.

Lynette: Oh crap! Why did they decide to do that. I read it and the image is seared in my brain forever and because misery loves company, here you go!

Editor: So how are we going to overcome this curse thingy migey?

Author: Well Jonah is you're typical wounded warrior with post traumatic stress syndrom. He doesn't know what he's fighting for anymore and wants to die. Anne always knows she's going to die early and finds value in everything. They meet go on a journey where she tries to save his soul. They fall in love. At first he thinks that she is the only thing worth fighting for and it would take so much crap that is full of spoilers and readers will be like WTF, I can't believe she's actually going there before Jonah realizes his value and what he's fighting for. I mean this guy is really a lost soul and the world is nearly destroyed because of his actions and we still won't know if Anne will survive her fate or not until the very end.

Editor: That's freaking beautiful man.

Author: I thought so to. Can I write it then.

Editor: Of course. I can't wait!

Author: Thanks, I'll talk to you later!

And people that is the end of my review of A MERMAID's KISS by Joey Hill. I hoped you like my review as much as I liked the book!

Borrowed from my local library.



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10 people posted their 2 cents:

Leontine said...

I'm cracking a smile on my face a mile wide Lynette. First of all I love this series, it was my first encounter with Joey W Hill and fell madly in love with her characters and writing style but you nailed it with this scene...when I read it, I imagined it and I couldn't scrub it from my mind long after I finished the book LOL

Book 2 A Witch's Beauty is my 5 star, all time favorite by JWH. Mina is one of those female characters that can carry the complete story :)

Edie said...

LOL loved this book, and this review! Have to admit the tiny tinkerbell thing was disturbing. I going back to forgetting about that part now.

Edie said...

And ditto to Leontine - Mina rocks!

Lynette said...

@ Leontine
For me the writing style was okay, it was the story and the charecters that nailed it to me. I loved Jonah's angst.

Yeah. I still can't get that image out of my head. It's been freaking me out since I read it! LOL!

I just started the second book. Haven't had a chance to really get into it yet!

Blodeuedd said...

*looks on with a horrified expression* They get it on while she is a tiny fairy!?

*eyes the book in the corner*
I am kind of scared of starting it now

Lynette said...

Despite that one scene. I still enjoyed the book! Jonah is a great tortured hero and not cookie cutter. In the end it wasn't what I expected!

Spav said...

I've heard about this author before but I haven't read anything by her. Now you've made me curious.
By the way, really funny review.

Blodeuedd said...

I had to tell bf, why do I do that? he thinks I am such a perv ;)

Psst, tell me the page!

Lynette said...


I just saw this. Sorry. It was page 169 I think, somewhere along there! LOL!

Blodeuedd said...

Omg, omg, I had to go read it at once..that was rather disturbing

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